Fresh off winning the NBA Finals MVP Award, many are talking about the hand size of San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard. It's been his defining feature since 6'7" Leonard measured out with the biggest hand spread at the 2011 NBA Combine.

How important is hand size in the NBA? Well, looking through history, it doesn't appear a player needs large hands to succeed but it does seem to help shorter players develop quicker and more complete all-around games.

Here's a list of the five largest hand spread measurements of notable NBA players:

5. LeBron James - 9.25"

LeBron James' hands are larger than average, and actually larger than Shaquille O'Neal's hands, which helps him hold onto the ball while driving down the lane.


4. Bill Russell - 10.5"

Bill Russell wasn't the tallest player in the league, but he used his large hands to grab rebounds and block shots. In fact, he is 2nd all-time in rebounds in NBA history.


3. Kawhi Leonard - 11.25"

While not the largest hands the NBA has ever seen, Leonard's hands are gigantic for a 6'7" player and help him to be a disruptive defender.


2.  Michael Jordan - 11.375"

The greatest of all time could do a lot of things with the basketball that nobody else could, and a lot of that was due to his great hand size.


1. Wilt Chamberlain - 11.5"

The 7'1" Wilt "The Stilt" had a lot of physical advantages when he played in the NBA, and one of those was his very large hands.

Just look at how small this basketball looks cradled in his hand:



Honorable Mention:

Noah Vonleh - 11.75"

Giannis Antetokounmpo - rumored to be 15" (Click here to see the pictures)


Hand spread measurements aren't quite so easy to find, so it is possible that someone is left off of this list. Comment below with anyone that you think should've made it.