Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Champ Cliff Avril joined Jay Mohr Sports on Wednesday and, with LeBron James saying he wanted to be on the NBA's Mount Rushmore, we wanted to know who would be on the NFL's version of defensive ends.

Mohr:  LeBron James says he wants to be on the NBA's Mount Rushmore.  In the NFL, there are so many guys to choose from...can you even give us your four greatest defensive ends of all time ? 

Avril:  There are just so many great ones.  In basketball there are only five guys playing and maybe twelve guys on the team.  In football, we have 53, it’s just difficult to do (narrow it down). I would have to do my homework and really try to boil it down to five.

Mohr: Vegas has you guys at a 5 to 1 of the Seahawks repeating. How do you not repeat? 

Avril: We have such a young team and the coaches did such a good job of keeping guys healthy and we are so hungry. The first thing Coach (Pete) Carroll told us when we walked into the team meeting room after the Super Bowl was 'man this is awesome, but guess how much better it would feel if you have a second one, so enjoy this week but get back to work'. That just shows you the mentality we have as a team.