San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle joined Jay Mohr Sports on Wednesday and talked about his signing day experience going to Utah and what the San Diego Chargers need next season to get to the Super Bowl.

Mohr: Today is national signing day in college football, you went to Utah, not exactly a powerhouse, so it's great when great players come out of schools like that.. ... Who else recruited you in the living room?

Weddle: We were a powerhouse when I was there, but I was recruited by the big schools my junior year. Pac 12, Big 12 and then they just totally dropped off for whatever reason.

Mohr: Tell me the teams that came into your living room and gave you the pitch and wanted you.

Weddle: Oregon State, UCLA, Colorado to name a few. Those were my junior year offers and by my senior year they all fell off for whatever reason. I wasn’t as good as they thought and all the Mountain West schools expect for BYU had offered me and a couple 1-AA schools the middle of my senior year. Utah was the best of the bunch and coach (Kyle) Whittingham.


Mohr: If you were drafting right now what’s the missing piece right now for the Chargers? What position do you take off the board?

Weddle: I would go defense for sure, I think our defense all three levels, you know our offense just had a bounce back year with Philip (Rivers). We just need to get better on defense. I need to get better and ultimately that will account for some more wins and hopefully another run at the playoffs.