Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher joined The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday to deny a report suggesting the team made a deal with the NFL to draft Michael Sam to avoid HBO's "Hard Knocks."

According to a a report by Howard Balzer, the NFL looked to avoid scrutiny in case Sam, who announced he was gay before the 2014 draft, went unpicked. In order to squash that potential narrative, Balzer reports, the league made a deal with the then-St. Louis Rams - select Sam in the seventh and final round of the draft and avoid having to be featured on the HBO reality show, "Hard Knocks."

Fisher told Dan Patrick that the interview is completely false, and that there was no influence in choosing Sam.

"No professional in our business would give up a draft choice with that intention, that's just bad football," Fisher said. "It was very simple.We drafted him because he was the best player on the board."


Photo: Getty Images