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Los Angeles is Quarterback Country

The two best quarterbacks in college football are not just in the same conference, not just in the same division, and not just from the same area...

They play in the same city.

Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen have taken the college football world by storm, and are projected to be two of the highest rated prospects coming out in the NFL Draft. They both play football in Los Angeles, and they both have their similarites and differences.

Darnold is thick, a non-finessee Quarterback, who actually likes to be hit. He comes from a working class background, is a blue-collar type of guy, and someone teams will flock to as a leader due to his workmanlike deameanor.

Josh Rosen is a thinner guy, a former tennis player from a rich family. He is much more refined than Darnold, a better "true" quarterback, and someone who will be able to translate to NFL success more easily.

Colin Cowherd compared and contrasted these two quarterbacks in the audio below. Listen here and SUBSCRIBE to The Herd right here for Podcasts updated every day.

Rosen and Darnold Comparison