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Texas A&M has a False Sense of Achievement

Kevin Sumlin is not the problem at Texas A&M, despite what the people in Aggieland want to complain about publicly and on social media. 

"When Josh Rosen had no time, no one open, and was completely baffled by Sumlin's defense, was he overrated then? When Sumlin's game plan led to 380 yards rushing, was he a bad coach then?"

What happened with Texas A&M happens to a lot of people. A slightly better-than-average program has some good years, and now everyone believes they are entitled to a certain level of success. TCU, Baylor, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State have been better programs in the past ten years, according to Colin Cowherd. Yet Aggies want to say they are elite...

Today on The Herd, Colin Cowherd went in on a man who spoke out against Kevin Sumlin. Listen below for the full take from the show today, and SUBSCRIBE to The Herd.

TAMU is Not Special