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Michael Bennett's Arresting Officer had Body Cam Turned Off

Michael Bennett was handcuffed and roughed up by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department over the Mayweather and McGregor fight weekend, and he issued a statement earlier this week titled "Equality" and spoke out against his mistreatment.

Racial Profiling has been a phrase commonly used in this situation.

Today, the LVMPD conducted a press conference that Seattle Times Sports summarized in one tweet with three bullet points we will quickly go over below.

  1. Internal Investigation - Not uncommon for a police department to want to gather all of the facts for themselves as this story begins to gain steam. This is common
  2. 126 Clips to Review - There was a LOT to digest on that night, as I'm sure there always is with a shooting in a crowded place. That seems normal
  3. Body Cam Turned Off - I'm not an expert on body cams, and when they need to be turned on, but this is seemingly inexcusable. This is the point that has people the most distraught. If you are going to wear cams to be held accountable, you need to have it on or you simply are not doing your job. The role of police officer has evolved in our current social climate, whether we like it or not, and this will be headlined across the country

We will keep you updated on Fox Sports Radio with all updates as they become available.