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Roger Goodell, and His Future After The Ezekiel Elliott Case

"I continue to think that [Ezekiel Elliott] is more likely than not to play most of this season than he is to sit, but there’s some shine that’s worn off that star."

Doug Gottlieb was holding nothing back today while discussing Ezekiel Elliott and the impact his case will have on the future of Roger Goodell. He even tried to tell us yesterday why people often settle lawsuits even if they are innocent.

"This is why people settle things out of court because even if they didn’t do something, it’s better than other details about their life becoming public, and these details are not flattering to Zeke at all. But to anyone who says, well, Roger Goodell has to lose that autonomous power. No he doesn’t. What were they supposed to do? You had a panel of people and they thought: “if we don’t do something to Ezekiel Elliot, we’ll be seen as soft on domestic violence again. We can’t have that, it’s bad for business.”

Take a listen to the full audio from Doug Gottlieb today:

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