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The Red Sox are Smarter than Most Teams

Tim Cook

You might consider what the Red Sox did to be "cheating" upon first look at the actual act that they performed. They were relaying opponent signals to their personnel (cough Belichick cough) in order to gain a competitive advantage over the opposing team's pitcher.

If you know what's coming, it's easier to hit. People forget that.

If you take a step back and consider the fact that this is something that has been practiced in baseball for decades upon decades, and all the Red Sox did was add a 'millennial twist' (if you may) to the act of signal-stealing... the charges become less acrimonious. 

Colin Cowherd talked today (as he usually does) and one of the conversations just happened to relate back to the idea of using intelligence and innovation to gain an advantage. Don't yell at the Red Sox until you know what you're actually yelling about.

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Red Sox were Caught Stealing, but Not Guilty