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Both Sides of the NFL Boycott

(Image courtesy of @TrendsmapUSA )

If you were to search twitter for "NFL Boycott" you would see two sides taking the exact same issue out on the NFL, but in completely opposite ways. 

Today, Shaun King published a piece on Medium asking people to Boycott the NFL Together over the mistreatment of Colin Kaepernick, the Quarterback who stirred up headlines and controversy last season for protesting the National Anthem and standing up for what he believed in. Kaepernick, who has not been signed to any roster this season, is being 'blackballed' in the eyes of many for his decision to kneel.

However, this only represents one side of the "NFL Boycott" you would see if you continued to search through all the social media platforms being used as a launching pad for these initiatives. 

The other half are "boycotting" due to the fact that the NFL is allowing players to sit or kneel for the National Anthem and not punishing them for doing so. 

Do you see the problem?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference

The NFL has managed to allow this issue to grow, without statement or stance on the issue other than supporting the right to protest as an American citizen (always specified), into something that is caving in on them from all sides.

The room that Goodell and his band of advisors sit in is closing in from both sides. Do they push back on one, create some space, but alienate the other side to the point that it might crush them? Should they actually conduct an investigation into why Colin Kaepernick isn't signed? 

Should they do nothing at all?

One thing is a fact, the NFL ratings are down. Unsurprisingly, both sides are taking credit for it.

This is just something to think about. How can you let an issue get to the point where both sides are, incredibly, united in your demise? What should the next steps be?

Roger Goodell has a lot to consider, just keep that in mind as the year rolls on.