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The Best of The Doug Gottlieb Show -- 9/8/17

Jake Olson Joins Doug Gottlieb

USC Long Snapper Jake Olson was one of the big stories of a jam packed Saturday of College Football. Olson, who has been blind since he was 12, had a successful snap for an extra point. It was one of the truly feel good moments of the weekend. Today on The Herd, Olson joined Doug Gottlieb to share his journey to the awesome moment on the football field.

FULL INTERVIEW CAN BE FOUND HERE. This is a must listen!

Doug Gottlieb Discusses Craig Carton's Arrest

Michael Bennett's Las Vegas Story has Holes

Earlier today, the Las Vegas Police Department issued a public letter to the NFL asking them to investigate Michael Bennett's "obvious and defamatory claims" against them.

Michael Bennett and this story are still a long way from reaching their conclusion, but the statements from Las Vegas point towards a differing in opinion on what actually happened. This then boils down to a discussion about racial tension, and the problems that come along with an issue that remains this divisive.

Whatever way you slice it, you can believe more than one thing at a time. Doug Gottlieb explained how the story has holes, but you can believe police brutality is a REAL issue in America.