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What You Missed This Week from Clay Travis

Butch Jones is a "Gimmicks Guy," and He Won't Last

A trash can... seriously?

Butch Jones and the Tennessee Volunteers were able to escape this weekend with a narrow victory, but that didn't come without much debate about the manner in which they did so. 

Despite their thrilling win, Clay Travis doesn't feel confident in Butch Jones and the Tennessee Vols. "Gimmick Guys" never work in the long-run because they aren't spending enough time coaching the important stuff. Listen below, and brace yourself for another season with the Volunteers. SUBSCRIBE to Outkick the Coverage.  


Protests Didn't Do The Most Damage to Kaepernick

Kneeling during the National Anthem might have set the entire process rolling, but it isn’t the most damaging thing Colin Kaepernick has done to his image and his chances of playing in the NFL again.

Clay Travis says that Colin Kaepernick did more damage to his image with his words and actions AFTER his protests. Clay was vindicated by comments from Ray Lewis that the Ravens were ready to sign Kaepernick before his girlfriend tweeted out some racially charged images.

Agree? Disagree?

Take a listen HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE and decide for yourself.

Michael Bennett is Making the World a Worse Place

Putting things into context can be extremely difficult. 

When you write a tweet with an @ handle incorporated, plus a link, you have roughly 100 characters to sum up a show or radio host on our network who spends three hours (or more) per day on the air. Not a podcast where it's one hour that has been constructed over hours of prep, but a host who's job is to stretch out sentences and elongate ideas so that they can develop a full point and fill out segments.

That is why we are going to give you this take from Clay Travis in its entirety, presenting to you the full "Best Of" Podcast that can be found at every single day. 

Why Michael Bennett, and the incidents that have occurred and the subsequent statements by police, is not helping the world at all. Listen HERE for the FULL ARTICLE