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Outkick the Coverage College Football Top Ten Rankings

We often get tweets and emails asking where you can listen to Clay Travis and his Outkick the Coverage morning radio show. Because the audio below, which is the Top 10 explained thoroughly and with extreme detail, can speak for itself, we will explain the answer to that here.

(In other words, if you know where to get Clay every morning just skip to the audio)

Outkick the Coverage can be heard on your local, plain old radio stations if you live in these states and have these radio stations in your car. You can always type in on your computer if you know the show is on live. You can bookmark this page to get the daily podcast, which is updated one hour after the show is finished airing, every single day. You can stream it on the iHeartRadio app, under Fox Sports Radio. Finally, you can SUBSCRIBE to the podcast on iTunes.

If you have any other questions, you can hit us up @FoxSportsRadio on twitter right now and I will personally help. 

Listen below, College Football Top Ten Rankings:

Outkick Top Ten