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Colin Cowherd gives his Blazin' 5 Best NFL Bets

Last week, Colin gave you his bets in the Blazin' 5 portion of The Herd, much like he did today.

Many of you decided that he was full of crap, didn't care, or simply didn't see it... but many of you missed out on a chance to make some bank. The picks ended up going 4-1, Colin got to laugh at all of you on Twitter, and that was just week one of a long season.

So, join now while you can. Check out the image with picks below, and then the subsequent audio where he can persuade you to put your faith in the selections. Either act, or get educated. 

You're welcome. Check out The Herd podcast right here! Also, we're totally kidding about betting, that's illegal in the United States and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Just BlaaaAAAAze