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NFL Should Be Worried About It's Downward Trend

NFL Should Be Worried About Downward Trend

The Wall Street Journal released a report that the NFL is showing a significant decline in not only it's rating, but support from it's main demographic.  The report highlights that men ages 18 to 49 are following the league less; the number has dropped from 75% to 51% who say they follow the league closely.  That's a huge drop-off especially for the leagues dominant demo.

There are plenty of theories as to why people are less interested in the NFL, but according to the money numbers, the NFL is still succeeding despite it's downward trend.  Dan Beyer and Mike Harmon think the NFL should start worrying about it's future, especially since other major sports league are increasing in support every year etc. MLS & the NBA.  Listen to their argument above.

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