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Doug Gottlieb on NCAA Committee's Top 16 and his Notre Dame Past

The NCAA Tournament Committee's Top 16 Seeds 

South - No. 1 Virginia (1)No. 2 Cincinnati (8)No. 3 Michigan State (11)No. 4 Tennessee (13)

East - No. 1 Villanova (2)No. 2 Duke (7)No. 3 Texas Tech (10)No. 4 Ohio State (14)

West - No. 1 Purdue (4)No. 2 Kansas (6)No. 3 North Carolina (12)No. 4 Arizona (15)

Midwest - No. 1 Xavier (3)No. 2 Auburn (5)No. 3 Clemson (9)No. 4 Oklahoma (16)


Clay and Doug Talk NCAA

Doug Gottlieb speaks with Clay Travis on the NCAA Committee's Top 16 including Gottlieb's troubles from his past in Notre Dame and how it sometimes continues to follow him today. This was explained in detail in this article below. 

Gottlieb: The Mistakes I made and the Price I Paid

In conclusion, they button up the interview with Doug Gottlieb's NCAAB picks.