Fox Sports Radio's NFL Mock Drafts

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With the Jets and Colts swapping their picks, it's time for Brady Quinn's Explosive Mock Draft PART TWO!

Jason McIntyre added made picks for the NFL draft. He's definitely going against the grain with his #1.

Updated after Giants make a trade that indicates they are looking to build around Eli Manning.

Updated mock draft to reflect the swapped picks between the Jets and the Colts

Here's Colin Cowherd's most recent NFL Mock Draft since NFL Free Agency has impacted several teams.

NFL Free Agency could impact Colin Cowherd's mock draft below. Details above.

With News Kirk Cousins will not be signing with the Broncos including the combine results, Colin Cowherd has rearranged his NFL Mock Draft.

Here's the top 10 picks by former NFL Player, Brady Quinn.

Here' s Colin Cowherd's Predictions for the Top 10 in the NFL Draft.


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