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LeBron's 'Equality' Sneakers are an Ironic Money Grab

"When LeBron James is saying 'I'm in favor of equality’, what he's really saying is 'I'm in favor of making money.’ EVERY single person on the planet is in favor of equality just about."

Clay Travis called out LeBron James’ recent collaboration with Nike on a shoe that he first showcased October 17th versus Boston, but one that picked up more steam in the media on December 17th when the Cavaliers visited Washington, DC to play the Wizards.

The sneakers have the word ‘Equality’ spanning around the back of both shoes and the pair features one black shoe and one white shoe.

LeBron did not specifically name Donald Trump when he was explaining the meaning behind the shoes back in December but did clearly insinuate Trump’s likeness with the timing of the release with his ‘We’re never going to let one person dictate us Americans’ remarks just a few miles from where the President resided.

Travis wonders why LeBron is being applauded for using the vague tagline, considering the alternative would be an unprecedented scenario of someone standing up for inequality.

"How many people don't believe in equality? Is there a single person listening to this show right now who would call in here and say 'I think everyone should be treated unequally'?”

Travis called LeBron’s point of view banal and clichéd and said it was almost comically ironic how a term like ‘Equality’ could be associated with a brand like Nike, who has long been linked to their use of sweatshops in East Asia to produce their products.

“The money that's made from those shoes is not equal,” Travis said. “Rich dudes at Nike make tons of money. LeBron James makes a ton of money. The sweatshop workers that struggle to make ends meet while making LeBron James ‘Equality’ shoes in tiny unairconditioned facilities in Asia ain't equal to you or me."

LeBron's 'Equality' Sneakers are an Ironic Money Grab
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