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Jim Mora: Everything I Said About Josh Rosen was Positive

Jim Mora on The Dan Patrick Show

Former UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora was a guest on the Dan Patrick show. Here's a breakdown of what they discuss.

  • 0:38 Jim Mora talks about how his headline-worthy opinions of Josh Rosen have all been positive
  • 1:54 Jim Mora doubles down on his opinion that Rosen needs to be challenged intellectually and also addresses the "millennial statement."
  • 3:12 Dan Patrick Swings the conversation to Cleveland and Sam Darnold and how the media spun Jim Mora's comments of recommending Sam to Cleveland. 
  • 5:05 Dan Patricks asks what Rosen does better than Darnold. Mora doesn't jump at making that comparison but he does break down in detail Rosen's skills
  • 6:42 Dan Patrick asks if intellectuals can make NFL Scouts Nervous about a prospect
  • 9:30 Dan Patrick gives Mora a scenario. If Mora was coaching Cleveland, who would he take 
  • 10:16 Dan Patrick asks if Josh Rosen is good with Jim Mora's comments
Josh Rosen Sets the Record Straight to his Critics. - Thumbnail Image

Josh Rosen Sets the Record Straight to his Critics.