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Colin Cowherd's NFL Mocked Draft 1.0 (The Dream Draft)

Colin Cowherd's Mocked Draft Vol 1

Colin Cowherd has a dream that on draft day this will be how things end up for the first 10 picks in the NFL draft.

The New England Patriots go after the Cleveland Browns' Number 1 Pick

1. The New England Patriots will Select

Sam Darnold - QB - USC

"Patriots can't afford Tom Brady getting injured at 40"

2. The New York Giants will select

Josh Rosen - QB - UCLA

"I don't buy the Giants not taking a QB"

3. New York Jets (via Colts) will select

Baker Mayfield - QB - Oklahoma

"This would be a talking point for Colin and Kristine Leahy for years"

4. Cleveland Browns will select

Josh Allen - QB - Wyoming

"Cleveland doesn't have Josh Allen rated that much lower than Darnold"

5. Denver Broncos will select

Bradley Chubb - DE - N.C. State

"Best non-quarterback in this draft, Could form the best pass-rushing duo in years (Von Miller)"

6. Indianapolis Colts will select

Saquon Barkley - RB - Penn State

"Home-Run hitting offensive player, Will help Andrew Luck"

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers will select

Minkah Fitzpatrick - DB - Alabama

"Smart Choice"

8. Chicago Bears will select

Quenton Nelson - G - Notre Dame

"Absolute BEAST"

9. San Francisco 49ers will select

Calvin Ridley - WR - Alabama

"Small but Explosive"

10. Arizona will trade to get Oakland Raiders' number 10 Pick

Arizona Cardinals will then select

Lamar Jackson - QB - Louisville

"Difference maker athletically, Every defensive coordinator would lose sleep if they had to face Lamar Jackson for the 1st time"