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Shohei Ohtani Is Great for Baseball

With struggles in Spring Training, the questions surrounding Shohei Ohtani started to turn into doubts. However, from the start of the regular season to this point in time, it seems as if any sort of doubt has disappeared. Ohtani is currently on a 3-game HR streak, knocking one out in every home game he has played. On top of that, Ohtani is now 2-0 with a sparkling 2.08 ERA after a dazzling performance where he took a perfect game into the 7th inning.

Clay Travis thinks that Shohei Ohtani is great for Major League Baseball. Not only is he a huge international sensation which is always good for the global brand, but his two-way play gets people talking about things that have never been done before.

Clay Travis on Ohtani