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LAX Airport Security Overreacted to Trevor Davis' Joke

"Unless he refused to rescind the joke, does the ticketing agent REALLY need to contact the police? Do the police REALLY need to take him into custody? Does he REALLY need to post a $15 thousand bond in order to get out of jail because he made a joke??”

In what takes the cake as the most bizarre NFL story of the offseason, Packers wide receiver Trevor David was detained Sunday at LAX airport after he reportedly cracked a joke to an employee at the check-in counter of Hawaiian Airlines when going through the typical ‘Are you carrying any explosives with you?’ line of questioning.

Davis then allegedly turned to his female counterpart and said jokingly ‘Yes, did you pack the explosives??’

Unfortunately for Davis, the people at the airlines weren’t laughing and quickly called down for security to detain the Green Bay return man, as Davis was arrested, booked, and then released on $15,000 bail.

Listen to Clay Travis defend Davis, and point out how society has lost touch with grasping the context in the way we speak nowadays and says a 24-year-old cracking a joke to his girlfriend before a Hawaiian vacation shouldn’t result in a Code Red, all hands on deck moment.

Trevor Davis Got Screwed Over By LAX Airport Security