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OKC Announcer Who Used 'Offensive' Saying Shouldn't Apologize

“People don’t even take the time to Google phrases. Everyone is just running around perpetually offended and the people who are offended are typically the dumbest people in our country who don’t even understand the way these words are being used.”

Clay Travis took exception to the public’s newest outrage taking flight this week on comments made by Oklahoma City Thunder announcer Brian Davis in a Live broadcast Wednesday night versus the Miami Heat.

Davis used the phrase ‘Russell Westbrook is out of his cotton-picking mind’ to describe a sensational assist Westbrook made in a game where he ended up becoming the first player in NBA history to average a Triple-Double in multiple seasons.

‘Out of his cotton-picking mind’ is a popular idiom used traditionally in the South that would otherwise replace the word ‘damned’ in a sentence.

Davis has since been suspended for the comments, saying it was a ‘lapse in judgment' that led him to be taken off Sunday’s Game 1 broadcast vs. Utah. Travis says there should have never been an apology issued in the first place, saying fake outrage berthed from bumbling social media factions once again reared its ugly head.

“The world of sports keeps colliding with the world of social media stupidity,” Travis said of the media caving to the unfounded opinions of a tiny percentage of individuals on Twitter. “It is not a derogatory comment. I am so sick of people who are stupid being apologized to for their stupidity.”

Clay’s solution?

“People need to CHILL OUT and assume that everyone on the planet is not an awful, racist, sexist, and homophobic human being.”

Listen to the full audio below.

OKC Announcer Who Used 'Offensive' Saying Shouldn't Apologize