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The Doug Gottlieb Show: Brett Brown

The Doug Gottlieb Show: Brett Brown

76ers Head Coach, Brett Brown joins Doug Gottlieb on The Doug Gottlieb Show between games of their first round series vs. Miami.  He says Dwyane Wade deserves all the credit for the Heat’s game 2 victory and talks about the turning point of the game. And he addresses Joel Embiid’s Instagram post and how it is being handled by the organization.

Excerpt from Interview

Doug Gottlieb: "Do you shut down his Instagram? How have you handled it since [last night]?"

Brett Brown: "That’s more I think an organizational thing that is certainly discussed. I feel like with Joel normally he does not cross the line. He’s out there, he certainly at times is playful with social media, but this particular thing I personally don’t read much into it. And my comments last night were true and reflect what I really think. And we move on. You know, like I don’t think it needs to be made that big of a deal."