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The Rich Eisen Show: Kobe Bryant

Kobe On the Rich Eisen Show

5-Time NBA Champ Kobe Bryant was on with Rich Eisen. Here's what they talked about

  • Lebron James going into Game 2 of the playoffs
  • Philadelphia 76ers efforts in the playoffs
  • James Harden's superior ability on the floor 
  • Kobe's opinion of who will win it all
  • Can the Spurs stop Golden State?
  • When/Where Rich and Kobe first met
  • Was there any college choice Kobe considered before going to the NBA
  • Where is Kobe's Academy award?
  • What's next for Kobe?
  • Kobe's advice to Rich Eisen about nurturing his child's competitive spirit.
  • Kobe shares details on his new show 'Detail'