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LeBron Getting Sued After Threatening to Sue is Hilarious

"It's not like we're talking about the most revolutionary entertainment talent of all time. LeBron's content is not very original and very derivative and the idea that he was trying to protect it is even more laughable now that he himself is being sued." -- Clay Travis

After a bizarre feud with the Alabama football team earlier this month over the creative rights to a television show involving athletes sitting in barbershops chatting about different sports topics, LeBron James had a lawsuit filed against him by a third party claiming LeBron had done the very same thing he accused Alabama of doing.

Just a couple weeks prior, Lebron’s camp had sent the University of Alabama a notice threatening legal action concerning their new show ‘Shop Talk’, which LBJ’s team argued was ripping off LeBron’s show ‘The Shop, which is produced on his website ‘Uninterrupted’.

Well, a Michigan man named Sebastian Jenkins is now saying he’s actually the one who came up with the idea for the barbershop sports show, and that LeBron’s team, who Jenkins claims to have discussed the show’s idea with in 2014, better include him in the profits generated for the show or they will be sued for compensatory damages.

Listen to Clay rip LeBron apart for acting so tough two weeks ago, threatening to sue someone for ripping off his group’s idea, and then we later find out it was allegedly LeBron who was doing the ripping off.

LeBron Getting Sued After Threatening to Sue is Hilarious