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Why Are Women Telling Other Women What They Can and Can't Do?

“How fair is it for one woman to sit and say to other women ‘You shouldn’t be able to have those jobs, I think you should be banned.’ You know who makes that argument? Middle-Eastern countries which give women no freedom at all.” -- Clay Travis

Clay Travis blasted a recent article in USA Today where a female author penned an opinion piece voicing her displeasure with the role of cheerleaders in the National Football League.

The author makes assertions of cheerleading being ‘degrading’ and ‘presenting women as nothing more than objects to be leered at’ and even goes so far to call them ‘blow up dolls come to life’.

Travis wonders why there’s some random agitated woman at a newspaper writing editorials declaring what jobs be prohibited for women in this country.

“It’s always fascinating when you have women like this lecturing other women about what they can and can’t do,” Travis said. “Women trying to police the behavior of other women and saying what is acceptable and what is unacceptable is sexist.”

Travis also took exception to the author taking offense to how NFL teams evaluate their dancers physically, with teams even pushing weight limits.

Clay says their male counterparts in pads are literally facing the same requirements the girls are, saying cheerleading is a physical sport the same way football is.

“What do we do at the NFL Combine? We judge guys based on the way they look in spandex,” Travis said. “When you are in a physical business you are judged based on how you look physically. Guys still make fun of what Tom Brady looked like at the NFL Combine when he came out in his boxer shorts and looked like the dude at your fraternity house who just woke up after a late night bender.”

Listen to the full audio below.

Why Are Women Telling Other Women What They Can and Can't Do?