18-year-old Dies After Getting Junk Eaten Off By Tiger Shark

“Of all the ways to go, a shark biting your penis off might be the worst Animal Thunderdome way to go. I’m not getting anywhere near an ocean if sharks are coming after penises now, not even content to just bite and eat you."

– Clay Travis

The greatest segment in the history of media is finally on FoxSportsRadio.com as Clay Travis and the crew at Outkick the Coverage continue to tell some of the most frightening recent stories of gruesome animal attacks around the world.

In this installment of THE ANIMAL THUNDERDOME, a Brazilian teenager gets his penis bitten off by a Tiger Shark, a group baptism in an Ethiopian lake turns horrific after they find out they’re actually in crocodile-infested waters, and golfers in Montana have to abandon ‘play it as it lies’ as Grizzly bears roam the fairway. 

Listen to the shocking audio below, with some outrageous commentary. 

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