'Left-Wing Loons' Now Placing Kevin McHale in their Crosshairs


"The idea that Kevin McHale can't call NBA games or get another head coaching job just because he supports the current President of the United States is one of the most ludicrous things I've ever heard." -- Clay Travis

Clay Travis thinks the far-left wing ‘media’ is up to their usual tricks once again of manufactured fake Twitter outrage, with their latest bombastic outburst aimed at NBA Hall of Famer Kevin McHale, after photos of the Celtics legend at a Trump rally in Minnesota went viral Wednesday night.

McHale’s name began trending on Twitter with many calling for him to be permanently banned from ever coaching, or working as a studio analyst for the league again.

Travis says we all should all be extremely frightened by the blowback McHale has received, even individuals who consider themselves fervent critics of Trump. Travis says that we’ve reached a terrifying point in time very similar to 1950’s McCarthyism when you had small factions of society meticulously combing through people’s lives making sure they didn't have a trace of 'impure' beliefs and wanting permanent ostracization of the alleged perpetrators. Travis thinks this specific story is no different.

Listen to the full audio below.  

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