CP3 Needs To Swallow His Pride To Change Legacy

Dan Beyer and Mike Harmon discuss the recent reports that there is "tension" between Chris Paul and the Houston Rockets in regards to his current contract situation. The guys believe the new ownership is an out that the organization really needed because signing Chris Paul to a max contract is just not a good idea for the franchise long-term. 

Chris Paul, in the most pivotal moment of the season (the Western Conference Finals), showed once again he cannot be relied on in the postseason, coming away with another injury. He is getting older, known to be injury-prone, and can't be counted on in the playoffs so why would a franchise want to throw a max contract his way. Dan and Mike both believe if Chris Paul wants to change his legacy and win an NBA championship, he may have to swallow his pride and accept that a max contract is probably not in the cards from a contending NBA team.

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