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WNBA Rookie Slams LeBron's Contract, Calls Out For Wage Equality

“Judge Judy makes twice as much per year as the entire WNBA does. How can you go to college and not have basic economic understanding like this? Can you imagine being that tone-deaf that you’re out there wondering why you don’t make the money an NBA player makes while nobody cares about what you do?”

-- Clay Travis

Clay Travis took exception with Las Vegas Aces rookie A’ja Wilson’s recent Twitter tirade calling out the WNBA and NBA for their wage disparity in male and female player salaries.

The Rookie of the Year candidate mentioned LeBron’s recently signed $154 million deal with the Lakers and said the best players in her league struggle to even bank a million.

Travis says the massive wage discrepancy has nothing to do with who works harder or who loves and respects the game more, it simply comes down to which league has the profits to actually pay its players lucrative contracts. And with the NBA making a yearly revenue nearly 300x larger than the WNBA, Travis wonders why A’ja Wilson doesn't understand how the league making $7.4 billion a year can succeed in rewarding its players, while the league making only $25 million can't.

Listen to the full audio below.

WNBA Rookie Slams LeBron's Contract, Calls Out For Gender Equality