LeSean McCoy Hiring Superstar Defense Attorney Not the Best Look

"This is me putting on my lawyer hat. I’m always going to say go out and get you the best lawyer you possibly can, but when you retain the same attorney who represented Ray Lewis in his murder case, to me that's a sign that LeSean McCoy has some 'splaining to do; that he expects for this to get pretty SERIOUS."

-- Clay Travis

Listen to Clay Travis explain why the recent news of LeSean McCoy hiring the same prominent criminal defense attorney that Ray Lewis had during his murder trial in 2000, isn't exactly reminiscent of a guy who is 100% innocent of all involvement in the graphic allegations that have surfaced from McCoy's ex-girlfriend's Instagram account.

Even though Travis, a former attorney himself in the U.S. Virgin Islands, says one should always have the best representation at their disposal, he says often times it means that the defendant is prepping for an awfully long and drawn out fight to defend their name, and not something as basic as simply dismissing charges from blatantly erroneous intel.

Listen to the full audio below.

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