LeSean McCoy Could be Staring Down the Barrel of the #MeToo Movement


“What do you do if you’re the Bills? They are in an insanely difficult position. I don’t think you have any option in this era. The scary thing about the era we’re in is LeSean McCoy is guilty till proven.”

-- Clay Travis

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the hot water LeSean McCoy finds himself in at the moment with a set of heinous allegations hanging over him that could seriously jeopardize not only his immediate playing career but the rest of his life if these charges carry any water.

Even though stories like this have long been apart of sports, Travis says they become that much more magnified in a #MeToo era post-Ray Rice where even the slightest hints of domestic dispute turn into front-page stories for weeks and months, with a lynch mob mentality overwhelming the accused no matter how substantial the evidence.

Not only does Travis mention Rueben Foster's case, but the infamous Duke Lacrosse one as well, as two prime examples of the court of public opinion railroading the accused only to later find out they were actually telling the truth with their denials.

Listen to the full audio.

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