From Black and Yellow to Black and Silver?

Now that Le'Veon Bell has not been able to come to an agreement with the Pittsburgh Steelers on a long-term contract, many are speculating what will happen next year for the bell-cow running back (no pun intended). This speculation includes many believing Bell will be a member of another team in 2019. 

Dan Beyer and Mike Harmon on FOX Sports Sunday broke down the whole scenario and are believers that, if the deal couldn't get done by Monday, he would be in another uniform next year. Dan explains why it makes no sense for the Steelers to franchise tag him for a third consecutive season and Mike explains why you can expect his usage to skyrocket during the 2018 season. Finally, if Dan had to put money on where Le'Veon Bell will end up next season, the New York Jets and the Oakland/soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders are who he's putting his chips on.

Adjust your fantasy draft boards accordingly.

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