Josh Hader Backlash Bred From Social Justice Warriors w/ Agendas

“There were no victims to Josh Hader’s ‘crime’, it’s all a media stunt. People are using Hader to virtue signal ‘I’m a great person patrolling white people and their whole past. I'm monitoring and policing it and trying to destroy them by pretending that what Josh Hader said to his 100 Twitter followers 7 years ago caused great damage in America.' It just didn’t happen.”

-- Jason Whitlock

Listen to FS1 'Speak For Yourself' host Jason Whitlock discuss with Clay Travis why he believes the media firestorm hanging over Josh Hader was greatly exaggerated by individuals with much darker intentions than simply stumbling upon dated Tweets perceived as offensive.

Whitlock believes the incident highlights a great flaw in our media with individuals trying desperately to add any fuel to this juicy and even profitable racism narrative that has certain people furiously digging through the timelines of anyone with the slightest bit of notoriety, trying to find something that could be deemed racist or sexist to sell as a headline story.

Listen to the full segment below, as well as the full interview.

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