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Whitlock: NFL Players Don't Get What the Anthem Means to Business

posted by Wil Leitner - 

"The NFL in the 1960’s started presenting football like it was a military event. It was all a strategy and PATRIOTISM was a part of that strategy. That's why they surpassed baseball and became this pop culture force. The players don't understand this."

-- Jason Whitlock

Listen to FS1 'Speak For Yourself' host Jason Whitlock join Outkick the Coverage to talk about the main problem he has with football players going to war with the league over the NFL threatening to suspend players for visibly protesting the National Anthem on the field.

Whitlock says the players aren't grasping the fact that the reason why the NFL is the biggest superpower in American sports is not just because of the entertainment on the field, but because of its deep-rooted history of patriotism in American culture that has been passed off to generations for more than 50 years.

Listen to the full audio below.


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