Jim Harbaugh's Immaculate Reputation is a Sham


“Michigan under Harbaugh has been a paper tiger; they are NOT a real threat. Jim Harbaugh is the most overrated coach in the history of college football.”

-- Clay Travis.

Listen to Clay Travis shoot down the narrative that Jim Harbaugh is in the pantheon of the most elite head coaches in college football, as Clay believes Harbaugh is the most overrated college football coach in the sport's history.

Travis says that for what Harbaugh is being paid, $9 million, and what he's being sold as, the savior of Michigan football, he can't think of a more ridiculously overpriced coach than a guy who is 9-9 in his last 18 games, 1-5 vs. Ohio State and Michigan State combined, and is coaching a program who hasn't won a road game against a ranked opponent since 2006.

Listen to the full audio below.

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