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Super Bowl 53 Guarantees Brought to You By Fox Sports Radio

The biggest names in radio weighed in on the upcoming 2018/2019 season with just hours to go before the NFL Thursday Night Football opener between the Falcons and defending champion Philadelphia Eagles.

One of the biggest surprises of the predictions that we compiled was that only one of the talents picked the Patriots to WIN the Super Bowl, with five predicting that they'd actually LOSE again.

Another one of the most surprising results was that 10 people picked the Chargers to win the AFC Championship, compared to only 6 who said New England and 5 who said Pittsburgh.

Rob Parker was the only person who picked the Eagles to repeat as Super Bowl Champions.

Full List:

Aaron Torres: Patriots over Rams.

Arnie Spanier: Packers over Steelers.

Ben Maller: Rams over Patriots

Brady Quinn: Packers over Steelers.

Brian Noe: Saints over Chargers

Chris Broussard: Packers over Patriots.

Chris Plank: Falcons over Patriots.

Clay Travis: Vikings over Chargers.

Colin Cowherd: Steelers over Falcons.

Dan Beyer: Jaguars over Saints.

Dan Patrick: Saints over Chargers.

Doug Gottlieb: Packers over Chargers.

Jason McIntyre: Falcons over Chargers

Jason Smith: Texans over Rams.

Jay Glazer: Packers over Patriots

Jeffrey Gorman: Vikings over Chargers.

JT The Brick: Steelers over Vikings.

Jonas Knox: Chargers over Packers.

Mark Willard: Vikings over Steelers.

Mike Harmon: Chargers over Saints.

Rich Eisen: Rams over Patriots.

Steve Gorman: Saints over Chargers.

Breakdown of Super Bowl Champion Picks.

Packers: 5

Vikings: 3

Saints: 3

Steelers: 2

Rams: 2

Chargers: 2

Falcons: 2

Texans: 1

Eagles: 1

Jaguars: 1

Patriots: 1

Breakdown of Picks to win their conference championship.

Chargers: 10

Patriots: 6

Packers: 6

Steelers: 5

Saints: 5

Vikings: 4

Rams: 3

Falcons: 3

Jaguars: 2

Texans: 1

Eagles: 1

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