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Shelley Meyer Playfully Uses #NoSecrets Hashtag, Blocks Clay Travis

“Maybe don’t use the ‘#NoSecrets’ hashtag if your husband deleted all his old text messages and Ohio State covered it up to keep him employed.”

-- Clay Travis.

Listen to Clay Travis blast Urban Meyer's wife, Shelley, after she playfully used a #NoSecrets hashtag at the end of an unrelated tweet concerning a flamingo wine cooler.

After being called out by a Twitter user who responded 'No secrets unless you get a text about domestic abuse', alluding to her role in failing to ever notify her husband about the alleged abuse of the wife of Urban's longtime assistant coach Zach Smith, Shelley went on a tirade about the real 'facts' of the case, and went on to block Clay Travis, who wasn't even apart of the original exchange.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay asks why the heck Urban's wife would use a hashtag like that just weeks after her husband was rumored to have covered up years of domestic abuse by one of his assistant coaches.

Shelley Meyer Playfully Uses #NoSecrets Hashtag, Blocks Clay Travis