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Colin Cowherd Recorded a Diss Track...

It finally dropped a few days ago. The biggest team-up of all time by two guys who will most definitely walk away from the game as Hall of Famers. That game, however, is not the rap game. A rap song by LeBron James and Kevin Durant leaked/released that was recorded during the NBA Lockout in 2011. The song is called "It ain't Easy." Reception has been mostly along the lines of "Kevin Durant is a more skilled rapper on the microphone than LeBron James." 

You can listen below.

Colin Cowherd also has rap talent too. This summer while Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma were going at it with battle raps, Colin hatched an idea to do a diss track to his archnemesis, Veteran News Man Jon Goulet. It should be noted that Colin insists he's a better rapper than LeBron James.

Listen below...if you dare.

(If you listened to the song above, skip to 3:13 in the audio below...)

The Herd Diss Track