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Great Moments in Quarterback History: Nathan Peterman

The Herd looks back on the not so glorious day that Nathan Peterman debuted for the Buffalo Bills only to be unceremoniously dumped into the backup QB position. The Buffalo Bills have announced that they will be starting Josh Allen against the LA Chargers after Peterman put on such an ugly performance against the Baltimore Ravens.

In the audio below, Colin Cowherd takes some time to remember the great moments of Nathan Peterman's contribution to the quarterback position for the Buffalo Bills organization. Some of his highlights include:

  • Leading the Bills on several long drives. (if you include the yardage gained from punts)
  • Leading the team 98 yards through the tunnel into the locker room at the half
  • Going toe to toe with Ravens' QB Joe Flacco completing almost as many passes to Baltimore Ravens' receivers

Much more great moments are highlighted below!

Reflecting on Nathan Peterman

Let's hope Josh Allen is up to the task...