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Newspaper Defends Serena Williams Cartoon Deemed Racist

“If you’ve ever looked at cartoons over contemporary culture, the ones that satirize modern day society – whether it’s politicians, athletes, or other celebrities – they always exaggerate their physical characteristics to embarrass the person."

-- Clay Travis.

An Australian cartoonist is under fire after he drew a caricature of Serena Williams throwing a fit during her controversial U.S. Open loss that included Williams' going berserk and receiving match-altering penalties because of it. 

Critics of the cartoon deemed the picture racist, saying Williams' exaggerated features added to ageless stereotypes of African-Americans that have long been tied together in the history of American animation.

Clay Travis says the caricature, which by definition is a cartoon that purposely overemphasizes the physical characteristics of someone to the point of being grotesque, was a classic case of a contemporary cartoon where a celebrity involved in a major headline gets trolled by the artist in a comedic fashion. Which in this instance would be a 36-year-old mother losing one of the biggest tournaments in sports because she acted like a petulant child. 

Whether it be Obama's ears, Bill Clinton's nose, George Bush's eyes, or Donald Trump's... well EVERYTHING, no celebrity is safe from being made fun of in these tongue-and-cheek caricatures.

Listen to the full audio below.

Newspaper Defends Serena Williams Cartoon Deemed Racist