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Stop Saying that Serena Williams is a 'Victim'

“Serena Williams decides she’s gonna blame sexism for the way she was treated and then the media applauds her? This is evidence of people just not being willing to call out the truth, which is Serena cheated and got caught."

-- Clay Travis.

In a story that has transcended sports and become one of the biggest headlines in the country, Serena Williams supposed ‘screwjob’ at the U.S. Open has turned into a much more complicated issue than simply an inquiry into the obscure rules of sportsmanship in the sport of tennis.

A much more sinister plotline came from Serena’s controversial penalization at Saturday’s women’s final against Naomi Osaka, with the 23-time Grand Slam winner accusing chair umpire Carlos Ramos of sexism.

Clay Travis heavily refutes Serena’s claims and called out the media for openly accepting and promoting extremely delicate and inflammable accusations that immorally stir up the worst parts of our society, especially when baseless in nature.

Listen to the audio below as Clay says the greatest women’s tennis player of all time went nuclear after being rightfully caught cheating and believes Serena was irresponsible and even unhinged by not only saying the judge was sexist but also saying she couldn’t have cheated because ‘She’s a mother.’”

Serena Williams Isn't Even Remotely a 'Victim'