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Whitlock: Being a Star Athlete Doesn't Make You a Good Person

“We have this insane thought that just because someone plays tennis well that somehow they're this virtuous person that we can all learn from. Really they're only a person who just plays tennis well and everything else about them is a very spoiled, bratty, and elite… Serena off the court is probably no different from Justin Bieber or Lindsay Lohan.”

-- Jason Whitlock.

Jason Whitlock joined Outkick the Coverage Wednesday to talk about the evolving fallout from Saturday's U.S. Open Women's Final that saw Serena Williams receive player conduct penalties during a critical part of her soon-doomed defeat to Noami Osaka. 

The aftermath has spawned a two-fronted war of derision with one side levying that the chair umpire screwed Serena over with poor judgment that would ultimately cost her the match, but dwarfed by a much more prominent side saying the umpire was actually operating with sexist intentions of minimizing an aggressive female personality.

Whitlock says the crowd promoting sexism is once again led by PC and Social Justice Warrior factions who love rushing to themes of racism and sexism in society, even if it means throwing an unsuspecting chair umpire under the bus who was simply bad at his job... Not going out of his way to denigrate a woman. 

Listen to the full audio below as Whitlock says we need to stop acting like these star athletes are so victimized and dealing with the same wraths of the real world as your average civilian when really they're some of the most spoiled, bratty, and elite members of society.

Whitlock: Being a Star Athlete Doesn't Make You a Good Person