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Greg Cosell Breaks Down What We've Seen From Quarterbacks So Far

The Doug Gottlieb Show was joined by NFL Films' Greg Cosell who offered a wealth of insight regarding several quarterbacks and what he's observed from week 1 of the NFL season. 

On Sam Darnold: "What I thought Sam Darnold did really well was show patience in the pocket which young QBs often don't do and he a had a very good sense of where his bailout throws were."

On Patrick Mahomes: "Andy Reid really defined good plays for Pat Mahomes. Pat made a couple really good throws and some reckless throws that still worked out for him. The team was extremely innovative in the tight red zone which added to Pat's numbers."

On Dak Prescott: "The term we like to use is a 'calm helmet.' Dak did not play with a calm helmet. His head was moving too much side to side and that normally is an indication that a quarterback is not seeing things with clarity."

Listen below for more!

Greg Cosell Talks Week 1 NFL Quarterbacks