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Newspaper Prints Op-Ed Comparing Serena Outcome to Justice System

“This is an example of people wanting to use sports to try to connect it to politics or larger societal issues. Sometimes that can make sense, but often times it’s a complete exaggeration.”

-- Clay Travis.

Serena Williams’ controversial loss to Naomi Osaka in Saturday’s U.S. Open Women’s Final has been hemorrhaging a wide array of storylines this week, most notably including incendiary themes touching upon issues of race and sex.

Perhaps one of the most inexplicable cases of media members attempting to link the tennis match to societal discourse is a Georgetown University  professor who recently penned an opinion piece that was published in Tuesday’s Washington Post edition.

The article compares Serena’s penalization at the U.S Open to the American justice system and attempts to draw parallels to the notion that African-Americans face racial disparities when it comes to crime and punishment.

Clay Travis called the article a desperate attempt to latch onto to the trendy narrative of connecting sports to politics and said the author was completely exaggerating an unrelated analogy that has nothing to do with Serena Williams.

Listen to the audio below as Clay wonders if the Washington Post’s next article will be titled something along the lines of ‘What does Urban Meyer’s penalty have to do with the Syrian conflict?’ or ‘What Andrew Luck’s shoulder tells us about Creationism’.

Newspaper Prints Op-Ed Comparing Serena Outcome to Justice System