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Clay Travis: Serena Williams Lied About Sexism, Should Apologize

“Serena had an opinion that she was being treated differently because of her sex, but the data for the past 20 years has proven that she is not telling the truth… Her opinion is 100% wrong.”

-- Clay Travis.

In what has turned into one of the worst PR nightmares in the history of women's tennis with the greatest player in the sport calling out the tennis federation for sexism after her controversial penalty-induced loss to Naomi Osaka at the Women's U.S. Open Finals, the New York Times released data over the weekend that painted a different picture than what Serena Williams had described.

The NYT produced a chart of the number of fines both men and women have been charged with over the last 20 years at Grand Slam tournaments with the results overwhelmingly showing men have been far more penalized than women for unruly and unacceptable behavior on the court.

Williams told reporters that men had gotten away with a lot more mischievous activity than her but had escaped completely unscathed, alleging that she was penalized simply because she's a woman and a man wouldn't have faced the same repercussions.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay Travis says Serena was clearly caught lying here, and that she needs to stop this victim narrative when she was the one who was acting out of line. 

Clay Travis: Serena Williams Lied About Sexism, Should Apologize