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Whitlock: Serena Williams Should Not Be a Leading Voice for Women

"Great physical talent often times makes it much harder to develop character or develop intellectually because you're pampered your whole life. We see Serena and LeBron and think 'OMG they have all the right values! Their character is unassailable! They are the RIGHT people!' and therefore Serena talking sexism has more weight to it than when a normal person says it... It doesn't."

-- Jason Whitlock

FS1 Speak For Yourself host Jason Whitlock joined Outkick the Coverage Wednesday to talk about the extended fallout on Serena William's controversial penalization at the U.S. Open Women's Final. 

The outcry from the incident has infinitely transcended tennis, tiptoeing themes of sexism and even racism, with Serena's emotional press conferences invigorating social commentary.

Whitlock says Serena isn't the right voice we should be listening to if she's trying to be this beacon for feminism, and says celebrity athletes like herself with prodigious physical talents have been pampered ever since their youth. Whitlock believes the public has erroneously mistaken the athlete's point of view as one that would resonate with the average man or woman when, in reality, those athletes are some of the most elitist members of society.

Listen to the full audio below:

Whitlock: Serena Williams Should Not Be a Leading Voice for Women