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Ohio State's Urban Meyer Investigation Was a Sham From the Start

“At least the NBA got to the bottom of everything that was going on with the Mavericks. When they were confronted with an ugly situation, they didn’t run away from it; they conducted a seven-month investigation that rigorously examined every single detail associated with that case... Unlike Ohio State, who let an athletic director and head coach turn in their phones with zero text messages on it."

-- Clay Travis

The NBA’s seven-month investigation into the Dallas Mavericks for extensive workplace malpractice relating to the sexual harassment of female staffers finally yielded a climax that was widely deemed relatively mild.

Mark Cuban agreed to donate $10 million to help programs and charities that deal with domestic violence and promoted women to high leadership roles in the organization previously occupied by males. 

But regardless of how Adam Silver and the NBA went about punishing Cuban and his obtuse negligence surrounding the nasty allegations, Clay Travis says we should at least feel satisfied that the league went out of its way to conduct a rigorous and thorough investigation into a PR firestorm that ventured right into the teeth of the #MeToo movement.

Clay says for every hoop the NBA jumped through to perform its due diligence on the most recognizable owner in all of sports, there was Ohio State dodging every possible hoop there was to jump through when trying to figure out the truth behind Urban Meyer, Zach Smith, Shelley Meyer, Courtney Smith, and Gene Smith.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay rips apart the university for making a mockery out of their bogus investigation that was only intended to find a way to clear the 3-time National Champion winning coach of any wrongdoing.

Ohio State's Urban Meyer Investigation Was a Disgrace