The NFL Needs to Stop Policing People's Private Lives

"It's awful if anyone gets addicted to a drug, but it's not the NFL's job to police EVERY moment of a player's life."

-- Clay Travis.

Another failed drug test for Josh Gordon once again cast a shadow on a tumultuous career that has watched Gordon go from budding phenom to forlorn castaway in depressing sequences.

The 6’3, 225-pound wide receiver who was once believed to be the second coming of Larry Fitzgerald has failed five drugs tests at the professional level, and the fifth one may just be the straw that broke the camel’s back for a guy who didn’t even play for three seasons between 2014-2017.

Clay Travis has long believed that the NFL should get out of the investigation business and let the law act as its own personal disciplinarian, and thinks the lawfulness of recreational drug use, one of the most polarizing topics in American history, should be a subject that the NFL greatly distances itself from.

Listen to the audio below as Clay explains that an All-Pro talent like Josh Gordon should be able to freely use drugs like marijuana on cocaine in his personal life without surveillance, granted he’s still performing at the elite level his employers expect.

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